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Green Growth Strategy

A Green Growth Strategy for Northern Ireland

The Green Growth Strategy is the Northern Ireland Executive’s multi-decade strategy, balancing climate, environment and the economy in Northern Ireland. It sets out the long-term

How you can help nature thrive

Ways to help nature thrive

Looking for ideas of how you can help Nature thrive? See how these individuals in Northern Ireland are tackling this at their homes and in

Is Hydrogen The Energy Of The Future?

Is Hydrogen The Energy Of The Future?

Hydrogen is the most abundant element on earth. If used as a fuel it has many uses and has been in commercial use for over 200 years. Why are we still talking about it as the energy of the future?


GenComm: How Northern Ireland can benefit from Green Hydrogen

Belfast Metropolitan College is the lead partner of an exciting renewable energy project. The GenComm project seeks to make better use of alternative energy sources by demonstrating the use of hydrogen (H2) as a safe, clean and reliable energy storage technology for communities.

Banner image showing Net Zero Carbon

Net Zero Explained

Net zero is a term we hear more and more of in relation to tackling climate change, but do you know what it means, and more importantly, how it will affect you?

Learn about the UK’s commitments to achieving net carbon zero by 2050, how it will be done, why it is vital, and what it means for the way we will live our lives.

Climate Change Uncovered

What is climate change, what caused it and why is earth considered the Goldilocks planet? This is climate change uncovered!