Climate Heroes

Climate Heroes are going the extra mile to make changes for Nature and for a healthy and prosperous future in Northern Ireland. They’re helping to cut carbon emissions and helping to ease the pressures on Nature.

We all probably know of at least one local Climate Hero and we want to blow their trumpets here, as part of our ‘Northern Ireland Climate Action’ campaign. They all deserve some appreciation and their stories will also help to influence others.

If you have a story to tell, please send it to us, with a few images.

We’ll be publishing all these great stories here and in the week beginning 4th October, we’ll be asking people to vote for their favourite local hero.

There are indeed many Climate Heroes living and working in Northern Ireland and you could well be one of them!

A Climate Hero can be an individual, a business, a community, a farmer or landowner, a family, a council or an organisation who either:

  1. has a great story to tell, about what they have done or are doing to help nature to thrive and to help tackle climate change or
  2. has a tried and tested product or a service that is helping others to help nature and to tackle climate change.

Our ‘Climate Heroes’

They will show how their actions are benefiting nature, themselves, their pockets or their bottom lines, whilst also helping to tackle climate change!

The MyNI team wants to feature your Climate Heroes stories here and tell people about them through our social channels.

These stories can be blogs, videos or short articles. 

If you have one already made, then that’s perfect!

Please send it to us at [email protected]

Children planting trees
wind turbines at sunset

Or if you don’t have your story already made, please tell us what you have and we can decide the best way to get it made for this page.

Please tell us what you have to say on the following MyNI social media channels MyNI facebook  MyNI twitter  MyNI Instagram  Farming MyNI Facebook group or by using the hashtags #climateheroes and #niclimateaction

Climate Hero Stories

How you can help nature thrive

Ways to help nature thrive

Looking for ideas of how you can help Nature thrive? See how these individuals in Northern Ireland are tackling this at their homes and in


GenComm: How Northern Ireland can benefit from Green Hydrogen

Belfast Metropolitan College is the lead partner of an exciting renewable energy project. The GenComm project seeks to make better use of alternative energy sources by demonstrating the use of hydrogen (H2) as a safe, clean and reliable energy storage technology for communities.

Webinar NI Case studies on climate action Translink

Translink is a Climate Champion

Translink is a Climate Champion, part of steering group made up of representatives from Business in the Community member organisations that are key to driving action on the climate crisis in Northern Ireland.

Power NI and SONI share how they are supporting businesses to decarbonise their energy supply.

Decarbonising the energy supply

Nearly half of the energy we use in Northern Ireland comes from renewable sources. Power NI and SONI share how they are supporting businesses to decarbonise their energy supply.

Climate Heroes - Danske Bank

Climate Heroes – Danske Bank

Acting on the climate crisis is still high on the agenda. Businesses are, now more than ever, expected to play their part to keep the planet liveable.

Ensuring consumers can shop sustainably

Ensuring consumers can shop sustainably

Changing consumer habits are going to drive business change within the retail sector. With consumers more aware of how their shopping habits contribute to their carbon footprint, they are demanding change.